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Private Cassette Recordings

The private cassette recordings are from Sonny’s brother, James Kiner. James gave me around a dozen cassette tapes dating from the late 1960s through 1980. Most of the recordings were rehearsals, gigs or informal get togethers with students.  Many cassettes had versions of the tunes that he was working on at the time; Nikki, Song Samba and Central Park. Two tapes exist of the Benefit Concert and Music Station gig in 1979 and 1980 in Detroit. Another interesting find was an alternate track, Alone Together, from the Howard McGhee/Benny Bailey Sextet gig, Home Run. Studio banter was included at the start of the tune so it makes be believe that this was one of the original layoffs. This track was eventually released on the Storyville 1999 CD release of Home Run.  Special thanks to Gary Carner for sharing the 1965 at Morgan State College version of Bluesville with Kenny Dorham, Jimmy Heath and Pepper Adams.  It’s great to hear those four horns play together and Roy Brooks is on fire!

Rehearsal and gig private recordings

Sonny Red Compositions as recorded on Blue Note

Special thanks to Blue Note for use of these tracks!

Blues in the Pocket


The Lope



Jelly Roll


Ko-Kee (Blues for KoKee)


Beale Street

West of the Pecos

The Creeper