Sonny Red pictures as they appeared in two recent Uptown releases. It was a pleasure for us to be able to contribute our photos for these CDs: Blue Mitchell & Sonny Red Baltimore 1966 and K.D. Is Here New York City 1962 & 1966.


“Sonny Red’s style was somewhat derivative from Charlie Parker, and yet it had elements of his own creativity in there. I think he practiced runs, licks and ideas, but I don’t think he did too much legit-type exercise practicing. His philosophical attitude toward the music was unique, because he’d say things that made sense, without making sense, you know? He would say things like, “I think I’m playing as much as anybody out there, for what I’m playing!”

Frank Foster

Record Reviews from Downbeat Magazine

“Sonny was a great composer who wrote a lot of compositions. One of my favorite songs of his is Bluesville. Sonny had his own concept. He was a very rhythmical player and he swung hard.”

Jimmy Heath


“Red’s concept was just swing and play pretty. He never did get into the technical aspects. He was basically a blues guy. I play Teef a lot and am probably one of the few guys around here [Detroit] that still plays his compositions.”

Phil Lasley